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Extended Period of Eligibility (EPE)

The Extended Period of Eligibility (EPE) starts the month after the TWP ends (whether the individual is working or not) and can continue forever depending on the individual's work activity. The first 36 months after the TWP ends are the re-entitlement period. During the re-entitlement period benefits can be reinstated without an individual filing for a new period of disability. Benefits are paid for months earning/work activities are below the SGA limit. Benefits are suspended for months over SGA.

If individuals are determined to be engaging in SGA, have countable income above the SGA level, after the TWP, they "cease" eligibility for cash benefits; they will receive full benefit checks for the cessation month and two additional months (the grace period). If thereafter individuals stop performing SGA within the 36-month re-entitlement period, cash benefits will be started again. If the individual is eligible for a cash benefit for the 37th month of the EPE, benefits will continue until he or she works a month at SGA or medically recovers. If individuals are determined not to be engaging in SGA throughout the 36-month re-entitlement period, they will continue to receive their full benefit check until they work a month at SGA or medically recover.

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